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Browser compatibility

Browser compatibility is a critical issue, where web design and web development are concerned. This can also be a rather cumbersome task to consider if it is not taken into account long before the product of many man-hours for coding and design are soon to go live.

Hence, the task of ensuring browser compatibility for your website product needs to be pencilled into the planning of your project. Not only that but, who will perform this task? How will they do it? When will they do it? Who will ensure that this person’s work product is excellent and is done efficiently? These are also critical considerations.

As for the actual work involved, the best way to do this is to check each created page, either as it is created or before it becomes a semi-permanent piece of your overall product. The person who performs the work will need to have all of the major browsers on their desktop and functioning. Major browser’s for today’s surfer include Camino, Chrome, Epiphany, Firefox, iCab, iExplorer, K-Meleon, Konqueror, Mozilla, OmniWeb, Opera and Safari.

In an earnest desire to save time, it might prove a great temptation to use some type of program that will check all of these for you at the same time and while there might be a really great program that is able to do an excellent job of this, it should be tested against a browser, by browser check to see if this would actually save time without sacrificing quality.

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