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The importance of critical analysis of a web page

Every website has the objective of being ranked at the top in major search engines such as Google. This can be achieved by the application of excellent search engine optimization strategies.

Another way of achieving this objective is by analyzing critically the SEO strategies applied on a regular basis. This entirely involves comparing the infrastructure and the content of the website with that of other rival websites to understand the content and infrastructure of the rival websites and come up with a more effective strategy.

It is necessary for all competent web designers to understand the true value of the websites they are developing. They should go through the whole website step by step to understand every detail that is optimized and take note of the competitive aspects that can be used to further optimize the website. This can help in beating a revival website in the page ranking.

An SEO web developing company should take note of the competence and edge of keywords that are used by a rival website. By taking note of this, the web developers are able to take note of the search engine page ranks of their rival websites. This will enable them to make an effort to come to the top of the rival website.

A web developer should also employ all the vital tools of Search Engine Optimization. This includes the use of title tags, Meta tag descriptions, keyword density, and Meta tag keywords. The structure of the URL used should also be employed tactfully.

Off-page features such as directory submission, article submission and link building should also be analyzed critically before the execution is done. This will ensure that the target web page attains the expected page rank in the major search engines.

Finally, it is necessary for a web designer to conduct a critical analysis of the content in order to determine if it can be comprehended or not by the users. Usage of strong keywords should also be analyzed on a regular basis. Critical analysis ensures that there is a gradual move of the website from the current page ranking to the top one in the search engine.

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