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Viewing a Google Analytics report for Your Site

Google Analytics helps website owners to obtain crucial information, trends and patterns to see various statistics about site visitors and visitors engaging with their websites. You can use Google Analytics to get a report and get a lot of information that can be used to improve your site.

Traffic Sources

This report allows you to view unique visitors, returning visitors, referral sites, and top keywords. Your unique visitors are the number of new visitors to your website daily. The returning visitor is those that are loyal to your site and make multiple visits. The statistic for referral sites gives you the source of the visitors to your site such as blogs or social media sites.

Keyword Report

When you view your keyword report, the number of keywords bringing traffic to your site can be set at any number up to 500. This gives you a statistic for the keywords that bring the most traffic. This gives you a great way to find keywords that you may not have thought to use on your site.

Bounce Rate

This is the number of visitors to your site that leave without clicking a link. This is often done by using the back button or a button on a toolbar. The report can be used as a statistic for a lost opportunity. You can also see bounce rates for your main page and supplemental pages for your site. Another statistic in this report is the bounce rate for specific keywords.

Time on Site

This report gives you a breakdown of the amount of time a visitor stays on your page. You can use this report to see if visitors find your site interesting or if they ultimately leave. This is a great report for use with your Google Analytics Report for bounce rate to determine visitor interest.

Exit Page Report

Viewing this report tells you the top pages of your site where visitors leave. This may be the same page they entered or a different page on your site. If one or more pages have the biggest exit of visitors, your pages may need to be updated with new content to maintain visitor interest.

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