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Keyword Analysis – Important For Your Business

Do you have a great website or online store that no one ever seems to visit? If you are having trouble driving traffic to a website, you may be targeting the wrong keywords. A proper keyword analysis is an important component of attracting visitors to your website.

There are a lot of gung-ho people who feel that picking the right keywords is an easy job. These people figure, they can just pick out some words and people will flock to their sites. Unfortunately, picking out random keywords with no strategy in mind does not work.

One of the first steps of keyword analysis is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Try to think what they are thinking when they are sitting in front of their computers and typing terms into the search engine. It makes no sense to target your website with keywords that are not closely related to what internet users actually search for.

This takes some imagination, but it can drive you a lot of traffic if you pick out long-tailed keywords that not many companies are competing for. It can’t hurt your website to target some low hanging easy to pick fruit.

Another thing that needs to be addressed is the fact that you need to pick keywords that will actually convert. Many people make the mistake of targeting keywords that are just too broad because of the fact that they have a high search volume.

If you end up number one in the search engines for a very broad term, you are very likely to attract “tire kickers” who are just looking for general information about a subject. These terms can occasionally make you some sales, but conversion rates are a lot lower than sites that target very specific keywords.

It is important that you put a good amount of thought into the keywords that you are going to be targeting. If you target the wrong keywords you can waste a lot of working hours and cause yourself much-unneeded frustration. Do your keyword analysis correctly, and you will be pleasantly surprised with your results.

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