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Setup Goal Assessment for your Website & Achieving it with Funnels

Many people that are new to the world of website design will often ask about whether goal assessment is really all that important. Of course, as most veteran web designers will tell you, setting a goal for your website is absolutely crucial for, by extension, setting a goal for what you want your customers to see on your website by funnelling them to the parts of the website you want them to see.

Setting this goal, however, can be difficult, even for veteran web designers, but finding your desired goal stems from a very simple goal. What exactly do you want or need for people who visit your website to see? For example, if you run an e-commerce website, your goal assessment will more than likely reveal that you simply need to funnel people towards the part of your site that allows them to make a purchase.

After realizing what your goals are, the next step is, of course, trying to figure out how you will actually realize those goals in the context of your website. Let’s revisit the e-commerce website example that was mentioned earlier. If you want to funnel people to a specific part of that store, you could go with a very blunt method and create deals that lead to that part of the site, or you could go the more subtle route of designing the website in such a way that the links that people naturally click on to make their way through the website will eventually and inevitably take them to the part of the website, that you want them visiting. Achieving this is almost an art in and of itself, and there is no room here to explain how exactly to do it, but with practice, it becomes rather simple over time.

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